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Did you know...

...An accident in 1935 captured the public's interest, and boosted the All American event's profile. A car went off the track and struck NBC's top commentator and sportscaster Graham MacNamee while he was broadcasting live on the air. Despite a concussion and other injuries (which would necessitate a two-week hospital stay), MacNamee described the collision to his listeners and finished his broadcast.

source: Wikipedia

Mission & District Soapbox Derby Membership

There are currently 15 association members. Membership fees are $10.00 per annum. For info, contact Keith Hine

Keith Hine President
Open Position Vice President
Lora Ford Treasurer
Sarah Kathleen Secretary
Open Position Director &
Ruth Hunter Director/Volunteer Coordinator
Greg Becker Technical Director
Thomas Hine Webmaster/Publicity
Honoured Members  
Dave Adams 1942-2009 †