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Soapbox Derby

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Did you know...

...Using standardized wheels with precision ball bearings, modern gravity-powered racers start at a ramp on top of a hill, attaining speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Rally races and qualifying races in cities around the world use advanced timing systems that measure the time difference between the competing cars to the thousandth of a second to determine the winner of a heat. Each heat of a race lasts less than 30 seconds. Most races are double elimination races where a racer that loses a heat can work their way through the Challenger's Bracket in an attempt to win the overall race.

source: Wikipedia


Volunteers are needed on race day, fundraisers, and other events. Please contact us if you would like to sign up to volunteer.

Over 150 volunteers are needed to help organize and participate in this event. This is a community event and without the support of community groups, businesses and private citizens, this event would not be possible.

Our volunteer registration form can be found on our resources page


vo·lun·teer 1. to offer one's services or help without payment or reward; make a willing offer (to do something), esp. when others are unwilling 2. to offer to join the army, navy, or airforce of one's own free will, without being forced to 3. to tell something without being asked; "He volunteered the information" 4. do volunteer work

source: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English